Wynonna Earp Review Episode 8: Two Faced Jack

There were many men of two faces in this episode, and all of them were revealed. This was the most horrific episode yet, but also the most comedic. The horror was as much psychological as gory: several shocks were delivered. There were several deaths, but only one of them was a Revenant.

If you haven’t watched Two-Faced Jack yet, you can watch it (with your Syfy provider) &/or the Official Recap will catch you up. This post is FULL of spoilers!

Wynonna Earp - Season 1

WYNONNA EARP — “Two-Faced Jack” Episode 108 — Pictured: Melanie Scrofano as Wynonna Earp — (Photo by: Michelle Faye/Syfy/Wynonna Earp Productions)

This was the most horrific episode so far. I think Wynonna agrees with me on that: this is the first episode that we actually see her cry. Wynonna endured the physical injuries and torture, drawing on her quick wits and her incredible self control. I’d call Wynonna’s ability to hide her feelings, including physical pain, a “superpower”. The fact that she’s had so much training in it is one of the horrors of this episode. (And another parallel with ‘The Girl who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest‘. If you’re in Australia, you can watch ‘The Millenium Trilogy’ movies on SBS ondemand, here) Another “superpower” is the nose bleed she had when she was near Jack O’Knives, or even a picture of his victim. It seemed to be accompanied by the sense that she had to follow up on this, an indicator or supernatural evil. Jack said that Wyatt had the same nosebleed. Interestingly, other Revenants, even Bobo, don’t have that effect on her. Maybe that’s because she already knew they were Revenants and she didn’t need the nosebleed to tell her?

What really got to Wynonna though, was further confirmation that her father, Ward, was not such a good guy. Once I’d realised that Peacemaker shoots where it wants to, I was pretty sure that Peacemaker wanted to kill Ward, even though Wynonna didn’t. It does seem that Ward was up to some bad stuff, and Bobo was clear in Episode 1 that he hadn’t wanted ‘The Seven’ to kill Ward. (Although it was he who got Waverly to plant the talisman which allowed the Revenants onto the property.) I thought he was just saying that it was unnecessary, but perhaps he had other reasons to keep Ward alive.

When ‘Jack O’Knives’ told Wynonna that Ward was very good friends with Bobo Del Ray, & that he had made alliances in order to survive, it confirmed what ‘Vinnie the Vulture’ had hinted in Episode 5: that Ward wasn’t really who Wynonna thought he was. Wynonna was probably pleased to ignore Vinnie as an attempt to upset her, but this further evidence that it’s probably true. It also helps explain how Bobo got access to Waverly, to become her “imaginary friend”.

We see that Waverly still doesn’t understand what it’s like for Wynonna. She’s still thinking it’s a “point and shoot” adventure. Wynonna tries to spare Waverly from the horror of knowing everything. That leaves Wynonna alone in her misery, and Waverly wondering what’s wrong.

While Waverly knows nothing about it, what does this deeply troubling information mean for Wynonna, moving forward? Perhaps it could mean that she might feel a little less guilty about shooting him. She might feel even more trusting of Peacemaker. At the moment, though, it just means emotional anguish: her childhood hero seems to be not such a hero.

It’s not really surprising then, since it’s typical for girls to fall in love with men like their Daddy, that the men in Wynonna’s life are Doc and Dolls. Two men with secrets, some kind of unnatural force keeping them alive, and murderous violence not too far from the surface. Yet, these two men also care about Wynonna enough to put aside their hatred of each other in order to work together to rescue her. Despite their many lies and the violent acts which are part of their skill set, deep down, Doc and Dolls want to be on the side of “good”. That is the difference between them and most of the Revenants of Purgatory.

When Doc confronts Jack, we see that Jack’s supernatural abilities include summoning objects like a Jedi, and using his claw-like fingernails as laser-like cutting tools. He recognises the Stone Witch’s knife, and it gives him pause. It must also have some power we are yet to discover. (We saw her make it glow hot in Episode 7.) It also slows Jack down considerably, when Wynonna plunges it into his back. It’s far more effective than the bullet to the head that Doc already gave him.

Jack OKnives with bullet in head

“Jack O’Knives”illustrates Doc’s accuracy…but a bullet to the head only distracted him! Image from Syfy, editing mine.

Even with the rather urgent need to go and shoot Jack with Peacemaker, Wynonna pauses to remind Dolls and Doc not to kill each other. The tension must be palpable! Yet, they don’t really want to kill each other. As Doc observes when they form a new alliance: “Well, that was easy!”

fight from Tim Rozon Twitter

Dolls and Doc get to vent some of their anger with each other…and share information at the same time. Image from @RealTimRozon on Twitter

Doc and Dolls working against each other, together, against each other and together again made this the funniest episode so far, with Tim Rozon delivering a great comedic performance as Doc. In an interview , Tim Rozon said that he finds comedic  acting hard. But his performance this episode was brilliant. For a guy who is used to associating with Revenants, Doc was sure gobsmacked when Dolls came back from the dead! Considering Doc’s nightmare experience in trying to start Dolls’ car, I’m pretty sure he was also pleased to have Dolls around to drive.

Shamier Anderson’s ‘Dolls’ ‘playing the straight man’ to Doc’s visible reactions was a perfect combination.  Somehow, though, I think it was more than Dolls’ military training that enabled him to put himself into a state of apparent death, or hibernation. It adds to the puzzle of what Dolls actually is.

One thing that Dolls is, is determined. Dolls, with some prompting from Doc, has worked out a “win-win” situation: by capturing “Whiskey Jim” (who clearly didn’t make a good impression on Dolls!), and telling Black Badge that he is testing him, he saved Wynonna, Waverly & Doc, gets to continue working in Purgatory, presumably gets his drug supply back, AND gets to hunt for the ‘mole’ in Black Badge. Tracing the connection from Bobo into Black Badge is going to be interesting. The surprises aren’t over yet!

‘Jack O’Knives’ being ‘Jack the Ripper’ was a surprise, only long enough for the similarities to sink in. Then, it was kind of obvious. As Jack told Wynonna himself: she achieved what Scotland Yard couldn’t, and she did it all by herself. Sending him back to Hell completed Wynonna’s self-imposed quest to eliminate ‘The Seven’ who tortured and killed Willa, and caused Wynonna to accidentally shoot her father, starting Wynonna’s own torturous journey through the mental health and justice systems.

Really, Wynonna had lots of reasons to celebrate by the end of this episode: she wasn’t horrifically murdered, she got the use of her legs back, Waverly, Nicole, Doc and Dolls are still alive, and she rid the earth of a truly ghastly, gruesome Revenant!

“Even when I was human, I wasn’t, not way down deep.”

Unfortunately, that ghastly, gruesome Revenant said that Bobo Del Ray is much worse. Now that the ‘Seven’ are gone, Wynonna needs to attend to the other 64 (if I’ve counted correctly), most of whom seem to be under the control of Bobo. We’ve seen a little of his power so far. It seems that a well-thought-out plan might be required.

Maybe, before she continues tackling all the evil in Purgatory, Wynonna might take some time to recover. As well as the emotional strain, and whatever other injuries she’s sustained, her toe will need to heal! She’s had a rough couple of days.

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