Wynonna Earp Review Episode 9: ‘Bury Me with My Guns On.’

Lots of “guns” this episode: Wynonna’s, Doc’s , Bobo’s, Dolls’, Nedley’s, even Waverly’s. It seems like The Stone Witch is the only one who’s out of ammo. Normally I link the episode title to the story-line, but this episode, I don’t see the link. Unless it’s that CC was buried without her “guns on”: she said her “magic is spent”, and she’s further restricted by being surrounded by salt. Are we going to discover in a future episode that she actually had a hidden “gun” on her?

If you haven’t seen the episode yet, be warned: this review is full of spoilers. You can watch it here (with your Syfy TV Provider), or catch up with the Official Recap.

“The thing about an Earp, they are survivors to the core, quick to recover, tenacious, committed to their cause. The thing about this Earp is that she’s all these things…”

Doc’s soliloquies are useful to the audience, but I’m wondering if they’re also a comedic device, since, each time, Doc seems to be talking to himself next to a man who doesn’t seem to know him.

Comedy, is of course, a wonderful relief in horrific stories, like Dean Winchester in ‘Supernatural’. Perhaps Doc’s best line this episode was:

“My vast wisdom is a burden.”

Wynonna and Doc round 2

My favourite Wynonna quote this episode:

“Says the unarmed Revenant in a coat Lady Gaga deemed…maybe too much.”

Despite her continuous wisecracks, the trauma that Wynonna has suffered recently has left its mark: she’s having flashbacks of Dr Reggie and Jack O’Knives. This also reminds us that Wynonna must have dealt with her past traumas quite well: she hadn’t been having flashbacks about the many other things she’s endured.

Fortunately, she has Doc, who does really care. He cares about her enough not to “claim” her:

“She’s no-one’s but her own.”

Sadly, Wynonna is coming to the wrong conclusion about her experiences, possibly influenced by the recent revelations about her father:

“Maybe it’s better to be bad.”

Of course, Black Badge doesn’t agree with those sentiments. Not publicly, anyway. Although, it seems that the Psych evaluation was rigged: from checking her well-being to calling her a murderer – obviously intended to trigger a reaction. On the basis of that, she “failed” and lost her badge.

Wynonna sweats dolls laughs

Is Dolls’ seeming lack of interest in helping her because he’s afraid of showing his hand too early? Maybe he wants to get the evidence he needs, before he gives away the fact that he knows there’s corruption inside Black Badge. That corruption comes in handy for Wynonna later, when she “passes” her “second” evaluation: was that just a falsified report, or did someone else take the evaluation, with a different examiner? Either way, Wynonna has her badge back, and can officially keep protecting Purgatory.

It seems that no-one in Purgatory is immune from panic, impatience and silly mistakes. CC deciding to resurrect one son from the parts of both led to the permanent loss of both of them, and her own entrapment. CC reveals many things while she thinks she can still bargain. We discover that her husband was a demon, and that he created the Earp curse, as revenge for the death of his sons. This was too straightforward (!) for CC. She wanted her own revenge, so she broke Wyatt’s heart by giving Doc eternal life and having Wyatt think Doc had lied about dying to avoid helping him.

We have Maddie’s abilities confirmed when CC calls her “Stupid, white witch healer, whore.” Maybe Maddie made Peacemaker? She was a white witch AND a blacksmith, and CC indicated that she was much older than she looked. Hopefully there are more revelations to come.

Maddie and her white magic are gone, and now The Stone Witch and her dark magic are as good as gone. (Or are they?) Burying CC in a dried up salt lake was genius. Wynonna would have made a good lawyer, finding those loopholes!

Speaking of twisting things around, Nedley tells Haught that he can’t accept her report with the supernatural references in it, and makes her re-write it, but he keeps it for himself. Nedley even delivers some cool (if a little ironic) lines, showing there’s more to him than Wynonna knows:

“Underneath the multiple layers of asshole, you seem like a good man.”

When he tells Dolls that he’s aware of the things that are going on, and gives him the file he’s been compiling, he does make a compelling argument for cooperation:

“If I lose my Deputy, I have to deputise someone like Champ Hardy.”

Even Dolls has to smile at that. If Black Badge is true to form, Nedley pretending he knows nothing might save his life in the future.

On the other hand, we’re learning more each episode: CC’s pink Lincoln tells us a lot. It shows us that CC and her sons are not bound by the Ghost River Triangle like the demons. She only stayed for her sons, and now she has one of them, she’s leaving.  We see that Bobo’s superpowers really are pretty super. He’s strong enough to push against the Lincoln’s engine. He can also sense things such as Doc and Wynonna’s horizontal (?) dancing. He’s not, however, immune to being out-talked by Doc and his logic.

When Bobo told Wynonna “I have a very special surprise for you,” it was really quite sinister. I expect that the surprise is Ward. I wonder how devastating that reunion will be. How Demonic has Ward become? Is Ward a little evil, like Fish and Levi, or a lot evil, like Jack O’Knives?

Conversely, Aunt Gus has an optimistic view of surprises, as she tells Waverly: “Some of the best things in life are the surprises it throws at us.” Gus’ encouragement was what Waverly needed, to be able to begin a relationship with Nicole. Before that, she wasn’t even listening properly to what Nicole was talking about, because she was overwhelmed by her own confusion and fear. Poor Nicole had bigger things on her mind. Hopefully they’ll work out their relationship, and their collaboration against demons as well. It’s nice to know ‘the Team’ has Nicole as well. Then again, this is Purgatory, where nothing seems to run smoothly for long.

Gus obviously had no idea that it was Bobo buying Shorty’s. Wynonna wasn’t completely wrong about the “Real Estate Agent”, who is probably one of Bobo’s ‘Familiars’.

Bobo with pub sign

“It’s ours now, my fellow deviants and degenerates, and what it holds will aid in our eternal salvation, and Wynonna Earp’s final damnation.”

Shorty’s held the skull. What else is hidden there? Chilling hints of what’s to come!


Wynonna Earp on Syfy Fridays 10pm/9c, and CHCHTV Mondays 9pm.

Images from Syfy

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