Wynonna Earp Review Episode 10: She wouldn’t be gone.

From an inauspicious beginning, the episode finished on a very emotional note! Friends and family are few enough for Wynonna. She’s lost so many, and recently gained a few.

If you haven’t seen the episode yet, be warned: this review is full of spoilers. You can watch it here (with your Syfy TV Provider), or catch up with the Official Recap.

It really seemed dumb for Wynonna and Waverly to walk into a bar full of Revenants who want to kill them (if Wynonna dies, Waverly is the next heir). They were really quite fortunate to walk away, which makes me wonder again about Bobo’s agenda. Given what we’ve seen of Bobo’s powers, he could have killed Wynonna before now, so maybe he wants her alive for a while longer. There could be many reasons for that, but, since he’s a demon, maybe he just enjoys her misery…and is anticipating adding to it. He did tell her last episode that he had “a very special surprise” for her.

Bobo buying Shorty’s ensures “mutually assured destruction”: Wynonna can’t go in and shoot the Revenants in their nest, while their nest is full of civilian witnesses. It also means that Wynonna and Waverly can’t socialise there. Bobo also wants something that Shorty’s “holds” – unless it was just this strategic positioning.

This episode we discover that Bobo has a Nemesis:  Lou. Lou was too sadistic for Bobo. Wow. Bobo sounds better all the time, doesn’t he? But, think of some of the things that Bobo has done: burning CC’s sons, drilling his own man’s head, chaining Revenants to The Devil’s gate…I’m sure the list is 130 years long. Yet, Lou is worse than that.

Wynonna is quick to seize on the opportunity to recruit a powerful ally against Bobo. Of course, she’s being strategic, not just distracting Dolls from Bobo’s revelation about Doc and Wynonna’s relationship. Melanie Scrofano does a superb job in that scene of looking truly “caught out”: she actually looks like the blood has drained from her face.

Nicole already knew about Wynonna and Doc. Perhaps she’s good at picking up on vibes. Maybe Wynonna told her, that night they bonded, although that seems unlikely.

Somewhat surprisingly, Waverly was shocked to learn that Doc and Wynonna had “slept together”, even though she already knew that Doc loves Wynonna and had challenged him on it. She didn’t seem pleased. Waverly is probably right when she observes that Wynonna avoids denying love for Doc, and probably right that Wynonna does care a lot about Doc. Waverly is unimpressed with Doc’s urge to run, however. Doc trying to avoid her lecture shows that he knows her well, and that he’s scared of women he cares about. Maybe because he can’t shoot them?

Waverly talks to Doc

Waverly confronts Doc about running away (Image from Syfy)

Dolls seems even more upset than Waverly when Bobo tells him about Doc and Wynonna. Is he jealous? Or is he upset that his favourite Demon-hunter is fraternising with an unnatural being? Is he just annoyed that Wynonna didn’t tell him herself? Either way, although Wynonna cares about Dolls, and works hard at building the trust in their relationship, she doesn’t trust him.

It’s interesting that Dolls has been collecting blood samples from Whiskey Jim, to satisfy Black Badge, while keeping him uncomfortably suspended, but hasn’t yet interrogated him. Has this been a long, slow “softening-up”? Wasn’t Dolls trying to find the mole in Black Badge?

It’s hard to know, when Whiskey Jim tells Wynonna and Dolls about Lou, whether this is exactly what Bobo wanted him to tell them, or if there is something else to come later. Dolls noticed that he told them too easily. Sending Wynonna and Dolls after Lou works in Bobo’s favour either if Lou kills them or they kill Lou. It’s only if Wynonna convinces Lou to help fight Bobo that Bobo would have a problem. Presumably, Bobo felt pretty safe that wasn’t going to happen.

It’s also hard to know why Wynonna burned Whiskey Jim after he gave her the information she wanted. Does she have her own sadistic streak? Ward supposedly enjoyed torturing Revenants. Is it part of Peacemaker’s curse: turning the wielder into a monster, like those it kills? Or is it just the toll of Wynonna’s experiences making her unnecessarily mean? Fortunately, she has Dolls watching out for her:

“Don’t get all hard and forget that you’re human, that you’re you.”

Finding Willa was one heck of a surprise, and brought out Wynonna’s human emotions. Surely, it’s a welcome change, though: Wynonna’s family is growing instead of shrinking for a change! A nice reminder that demons lie, and not to believe everything you’re told. Wynonna had been told by a Revenant that he had been involved in torturing Willa for weeks, until she died.

Despite her seeming to be one of his favourites, Lou didn’t know that Willa was the Earp heir (he was keen to kill Wynonna once he heard who she was), so she must have joined him after losing her memories and assuming a new identity. Either she escaped or was released by one of ‘The Seven’, or by someone who was helping them imprison/torture her. Willa doesn’t seem to recognise the Earp name, so presumably she was changed to “Eve” by someone between being taken from the Earp Homestead, and “being chosen” to join Lou’s community. Willa still has the Earp determination (and skill at deception?) to compile the list of names and have Wynonna dropped off in Purgatory.

It enabled  Wynonna & Dolls to release the remaining girls from Lou’s cult. Wynonna continued to be “crazy-brave”: going back for Dolls, and instead of escaping with him and Peacemaker, she goes to “save the hippy chicks” from “the weapon”, without even knowing what it is.

Willa and Peacemaker set Lou’s skinchanging wife free from 100 years of slavery as a killing machine. But: How can Wynonna be the heir if Willa is still alive? Didn’t Waverly try to fire Peacemaker once and it didn’t work? (Anyone remember which episode that was?) Another storyline for future episodes, I hope! Perhaps Peacemaker accepted Wynonna as soon as Willa was captured by the Revenants, but was equally willing to accept Willa again when they were reunited. Does this mean that Wynonna is still the heir?

Speaking of Peacemaker: it mysteriously fell from Wynonna’s belt as she walked into the light in the forest. Willa knew that Wynonna had a gun, and it sounded like they’d taken it from her, possibly taking it “upstairs” to Lou’s stash, like the Taser used on Dolls. When Dolls reached his car, he saw Peacemaker hanging from a tree. So: did Willa hang it on the tree to be found when someone returned for the car?

Dolls sees Peacemaker

Dolls sees Peacemaker hanging from a tree.

On the topic of magical items: Bobo’s fur coat seems to be something of a motif, or perhaps an object that will gain greater significance for us later. Wynonna joked about it last episode, and Lou referred to it this episode:

“That narcissist couldn’t even figure out that his stupid fur coat won’t protect him.”

CC’s car doesn’t seem to be magical, but it is fairly distinctive. CC is known by many people around town: the Revenants know her from 130 years ago and her ongoing dealings with Bobo, and she’s (apparently) a Lawyer, too. It’s surprising that no-one is looking for CC. It’s probably easy enough to stop Nedley and Nicole from searching for her, and Bobo left her for Doc to kill, so maybe no-one wants to look for her? Her relationship with the dodgy Judge (who hasn’t been killed yet, either, by the way, Wynonna!) niggles at me. He could possibly find her useful, and go looking for her. Wynonna doesn’t seem worried about anyone looking for CC, or about anyone noticing her car.

Wynonna giving the car to Doc was thoughtful: he still gets part of his revenge by taking his “enemy’s horse”. Yet, Wynonna’s not prepared to declare love for Doc, or even be “a couple”. Wynonna knows better than to trust him, and, as Doc says: she’s chasing after two men. Wynonna cares about both Dolls and Doc.

There are few people in the world that Wynonna loves: Waverly, Gus, Doc, Dolls…and Willa.

Gus sees Willa

Gus recognises Willa (Image from Nathan R Miller, posted on Facebook)

Wynonna Earp needs to be on more than once a week! How can we possibly wait a whole week for the next episode? We can always rewatch with Syfy, and between episodes, there is the fan community to discuss it with.

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