Wynonna Earp Review Episode 11: Landslide

Last week there were nice girls in white, this week there are nasty girls in black, and men in camo. It’s ‘all hands on guns’ at the Earps!

If you haven’t seen the episode yet, be warned: this review is full of spoilers. You can watch it here (with your Syfy TV Provider), or catch up with the Official Recap.

Despite the various adventures of the men of Purgatory, this week is all about sisters. Twin Vampire-ish-type Sirens, and the three Earp sisters.

Whatever the twins are, they’re clearly under Bobo’s control. For some reason, though, he’s kept them locked up for a year. Is that to reduce attention from the Police etc, from unexplained deaths? Does he keep them locked up in order to make them hungry, ready to attack on command? Perhaps they’re just too difficult to contain. Their release this time, as a favour to the Judge, is short-lived. They enjoyed a rich meal before Wynonna ended their time on earth. That seems like such a good thing, until we remember that Peacemaker’s kills resurrect when the next heir turns 27. Those twins might be back, badder than ever.

Meanwhile, all the badass Earp sisters are out-of-sorts this week. Willa’s return has been a shock for everyone. Gus is thrilled and hopeful, but Wynonna, Waverly, and Willa herself are having quite different reactions.


Wynonna is feeling even more of a fraud than she did to begin with: she feels that she shouldn’t be the heir, because it was Willa’s job. Of course, earlier Waverly was jealous of Wynonna being the heir, because she felt perfectly capable. Suddenly she has TWO sisters who are the heir, but she still isn’t! Willa, on the other hand, once she remembers training to be the heir, can’t understand why they don’t just get on with shooting all the Revenants. All those years in isolation hasn’t brought her up to speed with the concepts of discretion and consequences in mainstream society. If you can call Purgatory “mainstream”. Wynonna says “Dolls is gonna kill us”, but in all seriousness, Black Badge might really kill them.

Added to the “heir” issue, there are also the sibling dynamics which resurface. It seems that Willa and Wynonna were close. Also: that Willa wasn’t very nice to her youngest sister. Perhaps Waverly felt left out then, which is making her resentful now. Willa observes that Waverly isn’t just distant, she’s afraid of her. As a child, Waverly was so angry and worried about the unhappiness in her family that Bobo chose her to be his accomplice. Perhaps it wasn’t just her fighting parents at issue. Willa, perhaps not surprisingly, seems to have quite a bit of anger of her own.

Bobo saving Willa, and then Willa asking about him, indicates that maybe Waverly wasn’t the only Earp sister that Bobo had a connection with. We previously found out that Ward and Bobo had a deal. We also previously found out that ‘The Seven’ were acting against Bobo’s wishes in hunting and killing heirs. Willa told us that Ward knew the homestead was going to be attacked that night. Presumably Bobo had found out the plan, and had counter-measures in place. No-one counted on Wynonna picking up Peacemaker, and it killing Ward. We don’t know yet what really happened to Willa. Perhaps she escaped into the Forest, and was “chosen by the light” as Wynonna was. Perhaps she was rescued from ‘The Seven’, but then taken to Lou instead of to Bobo. No doubt, future episodes will tell us more. After all she’s been through, it’s not surprising that Willa needs some time to readjust to her family and her life, but something does seem a bit “off”.

But really, what is going on with Bobo? His behaviour is so contradictory!

BoBo from Eklund Twitter

Bobo Del Ray, posted by Michael Eklund on Twitter this week

He collected strange green crystals from the Revenant Judge, but offered the Judge a deadly treat with the twins. (The Judge’s response indicated that he knew Bobo was trying to kill him.)

He was angry when he saw Willa in the phone video, but he saved Willa from the men the Judge sent, and told the Judge off for arranging it. This means he was monitoring what was going on at the Earp homestead, AND that he didn’t want Willa killed. Even PEacemaker only grazed him. Considering the shot it made to save Waverly, I think Peacemaker could have made the shot if it had really intended to kill Bobo, regardless of Wynonna being pushed over by Willa.

Bobo has someone inside Black Badge providing him with information, BUT it seems he doesn’t really want Dolls dead?

It seems that Bobo got Whiskey Jim to send Wynonna and Dolls to Lou, which is where they found Willa. I thought “the weapon” that Lou had was the killer skinchanger. Was Willa the “weapon”: a hostage to keep Bobo away? Did he send Wynonna to rescue her? Is Willa the “surprise” Bobo said he has for Wynonna? (I’m still expecting Ward to make an appearance.)

Dolls has been very supportive of Wynonna, getting the DNA test done quietly, and reminding her that she is still “the Earp [he] needs”. He’s also human enough to be affected by the twins, but with so much self-control that at the same time he can question them and restrain his inner reptile/whatever he is. Wynonna not being affected made me chuckle: perhaps it’s a good thing Waverly wasn’t there.

Dolls was pretty awesome in protecting Waverly when the house was attacked. He sprang into action like the pro that he is. Waverly wouldn’t have been shot, except that she tried to be a hero (again). Dolls had told her to go to the basement, away from the windows, and he told her to hide. Perhaps that is what triggered her rebellious reaction.

“Eat shit, shiteaters!” is a line which will surely be quoted far and wide. It’s almost up there with: “You underestimate my power.”

Meanwhile, Doc had tried to leave, but the car broke down at the border of the Ghost River Triangle. Who knows how long he waited before that mysterious man arrived to help. It’s a good thing that Doc can’t die from cold or starvation. (He can only die by a bullet, a blade or…was the third thing drowning?)

The mysterious “Good Samaritan”, Juan Carlo, obviously knew a lot more than he let on. He happened to have a fan-belt for Doc’s car. He knew about Wynonna and Purgatory. He knew about the significance of the Winter Solstice in 4 days, when “the gate opens”. (The gate of hell, letting more demons into Purgatory?) Juan Carlo had retrieved Doc’s Deputy Badge, & it wasn’t blacked by the fire he’d thrown it into. He also believes that it is important that Doc be by Wynonna’s side, fighting the Revenants.

It’s hard to know what choices Doc actually made, since the last words he spoke indicate that he kept the fan-belt, but it didn’t fix the car! Was it Juan Carlo who dragged Doc off at the end of the episode?

Let’s hope someone tells Wynonna about the Solstice and the gate, and Waverly can use her exceptional research skills to find out what it all means in time for them to stop that gate from opening.

Watch Wynonna Earp Fridays, 10pm/9c on Syfy in the US, and Monday at 9pm on CHCH in Canada. Episodes also stream live on CHCH.com in conjunction with the Syfy and CHCH broadcast airings.

Images from Syfy, unless otherwise indicated.

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