Wynonna Earp Review Episode 12: House of Memories

Willa’s memories have been gradually returning, as they are triggered by places and events. Waverly helped Willa get all her memories back when she took her to the house she’d been kept in, but is she still pleased about that now ?

If you haven’t seen the episode yet, be warned: this review is full of spoilers. You can watch it here (with your Syfy TV Provider), on CHCH.com, or catch up with the Official Recap.

Before I launch into my tirade about Willa, there were many other important developments this episode. Doc, Dolls, Wynonna, Waverly, Nicole, even Nedley and Champ all had significant moments, which are worth a mention.

Doc in Big Bubba’s clutches showed what a superhero he is. His superpowers include remaining calm enough to establish rapport, question and outwit his captor, as well as his incredible knife-throwing skills. Those same skills led to his capture (Bubba wanted a lesson!) and his escape. He managed to clean up in time to get to the party and try to save “everyone”, or at least a few.

Such a pity, then, that Doc arrived just in time to both save the day…and witness the long-awaited kiss between Dolls and Wynonna. Dolls admitted that he needed her, and Wynonna desperately needs to be needed. If Doc hadn’t left, perhaps Dolls wouldn’t have moved in, and perhaps Wynonna wouldn’t have let him. She cares about them both. Having only one available made that choice much simpler. They don’t really have time to discuss it, though, as they have to somehow deal with an entire town about to go nuts, chasing Wynonna!

Then, Waverly and Nicole kiss in public and no-one notices. Willa uses it as her opportunity to escape. Lost the sister you were supposed to be saving Waverly? Awkies! Never mind! Turns out: you were right to be afraid of her! Maybe Waverly really IS a good judge of character after all.

Funnily enough, Champ realised that Waverly and Nicole are an item before Wynonna did. Nedley’s reaction, although a little surprised, was gold. He’s not so bad after all! Poor Champ is heartbroken to see that Waverly has moved on. I don’t think it’s actually that he’s homophobic, I think it’s that he is upset at realising that he was never good enough for Waverly. One of the things he mentions is that Waverly always told him that it didn’t matter that he couldn’t get into the Policeforce, but now she’s dating a cop. He also says, when Waverly confronts him: “You think this is because she’s a girl?”, implying that her gender is irrelevant, there are other things causing the pain.

There’s a whole other kind of pain that Champ is now experiencing, thanks to Bobo’s poison. He’s probably lucky that Nicole cuffed him: it makes it harder for him to kill himself. Let’s hope the poison wears off, because, even if there really is an antidote, I’m pretty sure that Bobo didn’t leave any behind. He didn’t hang around for Wynonna to be delivered to him, and hand out the “reward” of the antidote. He was just stopping her from following him.

Now, about Willa!

Really, it’s all about Willa. Willa is the heir. Willa is Bobo’s “Lead”. Willa betrays her sisters…and the town, and, if taking Bobo outside the Ghost River Triangle means that he and his kind will “eat everything and everyone”, she’s betrayed the world!

I should have listened! There was chatter on social media about Willa being “evil”, and I was all: “She’s been through some difficult circumstances, she needs help to adjust.” She proved me wrong, didn’t she! So many times this episode, I was saying: “Dammit Willa!”

She shot Whiskey Jim, even after being told not to shoot people, because they needed to be more strategic. Her recklessness in killing Revenants (the bar, Whiskey Jim) indicated an impatience, but she also seemed to be hiding something, even though she perhaps didn’t know what it was herself! Killing Whiskey Jim stopped him from revealing anything else.

She was very rude to Nicole, chasing her away. Then, she walked in on Nicole and Waverly and, instead of saying “Oops! Sorry!” and running out of there like a decent person, she STAYED, and blackmailed Waverly. Again. No wonder Waverly is so unwilling to stand up for herself, if she was tormented by Willa when she was very young. (Willa was taken when Waverly was 6.)

Willa’s meanness to Nicole and Waverly, and to Dolls, were noticable, but understandable considering her life as an isolated captive. Willa said that she wanted to learn to be nicer, so it was forgivable. But Willa blackmailing Waverly over Nicole showed that she really is pretty sneaky and nasty. Willa cosying up to Wynonna isolates Waverly and makes her more vulnerable to Willa’s manipulations.


On the other hand, she’s spent about 15 years a prisoner: captured by The Seven, kept in a treehouse by Bobo, had her memory wiped by The Stone Witch and “freed” (not returned to her family, where Bobo could take her again), and kept in a cult commune by Lou. The last few days/weeks that she’s been with Wynonna and Waverly would also have seemed strange to her. And, from what Waverly says, it sounds like Willa wasn’t really an angel to start with. It seems likely that Willa has Stockholm Syndrome (feeling empathy for her captor, and siding with them), but it could be that she, like her daddy before her, sees the benefit of an alliance with Bobo, and she may have initiated it. Bobo seems to care about her more than just as a tool to use. Of course, he IS an evil demon so…

At the party, Willa was excited, and enjoying herself. She didn’t seem to share the concerns of Wynonna, Waverly and Dolls. In fact, she told them to wait…and DRINK. Willa hadn’t spoken with Bobo yet, but did someone else tip her off about the champagne? Surely Bobo wouldn’t risk her safety. When they met, he didn’t bother offering her an antidote. Does that mean that she wanted her sisters and friends to die a horrific death?

Perhaps she was innocently enjoying her first ever party, with no knowledge of what was going on. Somehow, I doubt it. I have a crazy theory, plucked from nowhere (as usual!) that perhaps the details of the party were so important to Bobo (the hotel, the ice sculpture, the “rivers of champagne”) were because Willa once told him that was how she pictured her wedding. If so, part of her excitement might have been the realisation that Bobo remembered, and did this “for her”. Yep: crazy theory from no-where, but it seemed more like a girl’s idea of a party than the idea of a 130 year old man who mostly lived in a trailer park, despite his business dealings and control over the town.

Willa left the party after Bobo set the whole, poisoned, “batshit crazy” town on Wynonna, and she went straight to Bobo! She had Peacemaker, she could have killed Bobo, and/or other people attacking Wynonna. Wynonna clearly wanted Waverly and Willa to be safe, and she had both Doc and Dolls with her, and Nicole and Nedly not far away. But Willa didn’t even offer, or protest.

Of course, Willa may have a secret plan to stop Bobo at the last minute. As someone reminded me: she IS an Earp. The question about Willa is: is she still an Earp on the side of good, playing a long game, like Anakin Skywalker, or has she turned completely to the dark side?


Next week’s Season Finale must surely reveal what we need to know.

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