I’m a writer.

Much as “the wand chooses the Wizard” in Harry Potter, Writing chose me.

Either that, or I was conditioned into it from a very young age.

I’m something of a romantic idealist, so I’ll go with the first, more poetic description.

Participating in a ‘Myers-Briggs Type Inventory’ workshop for my workplace a number of years ago, I observed that perhaps I am a “secret extrovert”. The MBTI definition of “extrovert” is basically “thinking aloud”. Instead of thinking aloud (which I do seem to do more of since I’ve had children: a topic for another time?), I write things down to clarify my thinking. Lists, Pros and Cons, Project Management by tracking progress and next steps in tables…pretty much anything I do is managed by writing about it in some form.

(But no, I’m not going to tell you which of those “types” my test results say I am. Far too much of an impression to recover from! ;p)

This blog will contain various posts about things that make enough of an impression on me to write about.

I’m a lifelong fan of books, movies, short stories and quality tv series, including sci-fi, fantasy, action, politics, mystery, family, romance, some comedy…so: pretty much most genres! You might notice some posts about those things.

In the interests of building community by encouraging people & boosting morale/ mental health, I have a Facebook page, not of my writing, but of exclusively positive memes and other people’s words and pictures:

 A Cup of Tea with Me

Feel free to scroll through and see if there is anything that inspires you.


This blog, however, does not promise to be so focused on positivity. So, managing your expectations:

For “rainbows and unicorns” go to the Facebook page.

For general chatter, this blog is one of your sources.

Wishing you great enjoyment in reading, here and elsewhere.

More posts about my blogging:

(But really: go to the menu and choose a more interesting category to read!)

How it All Started

Inspiration for ‘Trying It’

You can find and follow me on social media:

Twitter: @LyannaSpearwife

Tumblr: hopedistributer / This Got My Attention Today

Facebook: Lyanna Spearwife

(Facebook is “validating my identity” on a regular basis, though, so try the others first!)



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