Links to my articles about the Disney Freeform (also on Netflix) TV show, ‘Shadowhunters’.

Season 1

(Note: I started writing at Episode 5)

Episode 5 Review: Moo Shu to go:

Episode 6 Preview: Of Men and Angels

Episode 6 Review: Of Men and Angels

Episode 7 Preview: Major Arcana, Expect the Unexpected!

Episode 7 Review: Major Arcana, Major Developments

Episode 8 Preview: Bad Blood Comes Out

Episode 8 Review: Bad Blood Everywhere!

Episode 9 Preview: Who or what is about to ‘Rise Up’?

Episode 9 Review: Rise Up or Fall Down?

Episode 10 Preview: This World Inverted

Episode 10 Review: This World Inverted Reveals Much

Episode 11 Preview: Blood calls to Blood, Relationships or Retaliation?

Episode 11 Review: Blood calls to Blood: Live!

Episode 12 Preview: Malec

Episode 12 Review: Malec at last!

Episode 13 Preview: Valentine is Back!

Episode 13 Review: Morningstar Rises?


Shadowhunters Fans: Unite in celebration!

Shadowhunters Fan Opportunities! (March 2016)

Season 2




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